How Does It Work?

Grab a Rock

Gather markers, paint and happy thoughts. Then doodle. That’s right! Just doodle.

Write a Word

Or draw a shape or create a design that makes you happy.

Think about Someone

Someone who needs a little happiness. Maybe someone close to you or a total stranger.

Pray for that Person

Pray for joy. Pray for peace. Pray for happiness. It doesn’t matter what you pray for, just do it. With your eyes open. Yes, you can do that!

Doodle what's in your Heart

Let the love flow through your hands. Let it wrap that rock with color and happy words, kind thoughts, and joyful shapes. Wrap that rock with love.

Code it. Catalog It.

When you are finished, we show you how to code it and record it on the website.

Toss it Away

Find a place to give it away. A Park. A Street. A Pocket…it isn’t love until you give it away, right? So do it.

Find Another Rock

Your are a star! Let’s do it again!


We’re a group of middle- and high-school students determined to make the world a better place. We believe that creating peace and positive change in the world begins with each of us when we make conscious decisions to do better, be better, love more, and care deeper. We throw rocks to make our point. That’s right. Rocks. Rocks that you might find on the ground. Rocks that often get kicked around — like so many people. Rocks that, on a larger scale, could have been used to break windows and spread fear — like those that were used years ago to stop our heroes from bringing peace and positive change to their communities and the world. But we don’t throw rocks through windows or at people. We toss our rocks on the ground, on benches, or tables in public places, hoping that people who need a pick-me-up will find one and discover that they are loved.

What If You Find a Rock?

If the rock you found is not listed yet, please check back!

We are just getting started and apologize for not having all our rocks online just yet.

We will be adding them soon!

Locate the Code on Your Rock

Comment on Where You Found It


We believe in the power of common people using everyday things to accomplish amazing deeds, heal broken hearts, and change the world. You are Welcome to Join us!